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DeBary Elementary Visual Art Program

Teacher:  Mrs. Hatch -

DeBary Elementary art program provides an educational climate that allows students to explore, create, and express themselves through the arts. Students will learn the history of art, art genres, art mediums, and artists of various time periods and their styles. Learning to grow from the great masters to implement some of their techniques as they discover their own art style.

Students will have the opportunity to creatively experiment with many mediums within the arts and focus on the importance of the structural elements and organizational principles of design, to compose a piece of art that uniquely expresses their individuality.

The focus of the Visual Art Program is to give the students the opportunity to express themselves! This entails all grade levels from kindergarteners exploring color, to fifth graders intently working on intricate designs with exploration of different mediums and genres within the arts.

The Florida State Standards are implemented to insure a high level of student achievement. They will manage this by learning about different artist and art, improve skills, and increase knowledge of art techniques, activate prior knowledge, use literature and writing within their art: main idea, context, detail, & artist statements. Students will also integrate themes and other subjects to make connections, expand research capabilities for art history & culture, acquire aesthetic perception and awareness through art criticism, analysis, assessment, and presentation learn about exhibiting quality works, and explore are-related careers. These aspects will allow their imaginations to grow, their creativity to flow, and their innovation to flourish. Through their art journey students will incorporate 21st century skills in:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Productivity and Accountability
  • Leadership and Responsibility